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Is Your Home Visitable?

The terms accessibility, universal design and barrier free living are becoming more standard in our descriptions of the homes we live in. But consider the visitors to your home, a home where no one currently has a disability. Can anyone regardless of their mobility visit your home? Is your home Visitable? - Read More

How To Pay For A Home Renovation

Financing a home renovation can be a challenge. Many options are discussed in this article that appeared in the Winter 2015 Edition of Outspoken! Magazine. - Read More

A New and Exciting Option for Independant Barrier Free, Accessible Living

It is no secret that accessible housing options can be very limited. But there is a new alternative that is gaining popularity: Co-Housing. - Read More

Aging In Place - There Is An Alternative To Retirement Home Living

This article appeared in the Summer 2014 edition of Helps Here! Aging in place is the concept of planning ahead, thinking of how to modify your home so you can live safely, comfortably and independently as you grow older. - Read More

The Grand Opening Of The ReliAble Living Centre

The Grand Opening of the ReliAble Living Centre (RLC) was a celebration I was happy to witness. The Honourable David Onley,the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, proudly cut the ribbon at the ceremony. - Read More

Invest In Wheelchair Accessible Rentals!

Looking for a great Real Estate Investment Opportunity? Read this article I wrote for Outspoken! Magazine on investing in wheelchair accessible rental properties. - Read More

Ding Dong....Who's

At the Door?

8 Tips To Protect Against Home Reno Fraud. - Read More

People In Motion 2014

Canada's Largest Exhibition For Seniors and Person's With Disabilities. - Read More

Exercise = Independence!

Let's admit it. Besides the words 'snow' and 'winter' there is one other word that creates stress for many of us - EXERCISE! - Read More

Tips to Protect Against Fraud

It is very sad to learn the number one crime against older Canadians is fraud. Con artists may target older adults who are wealthy, but they will also target average senior citizens. After all, a small amount of money from a lot of people adds up. - Read More


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