Whether you’re looking for an existing retrofitted home or a home that you can retrofit to suit your needs, I can help!

Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage? It’s important to talk with a Mortgage Broker or your Bank to determine a realistic home buying budget. I can provide you with the names of mortgage brokers who will meet with you in your current home.


Personal Injury Services


Personal injury clients have very unique and specific needs that must be accommodated in a post accident home. A team approach is essential. I obtain input from the Lawyer, Case Manager, OT, Home Modification Expert, Insurance Company, Family and the Individual on the necessary features, budget and preferred location for the home.

The interior and exterior of the home needs to be evaluated in addition to the surrounding community. And if it’s a condominium, the building common areas need to be considered too.

Once I’ve found a suitable house or condo, and the home modification plan and funding has been approved, I can advise the client to proceed with the purchase. The result is a home that meets all of the client’s needs including mobility, comfort, safety and budget.


It can take several months or years for post accident insurance funding to be confirmed. Accompanied by the fact that discharge from hospital can happen quickly, renting is often the only option available.

Market rate (not subsidized rent) barrier free, wheelchair accessible rentals are very rare. I have the experience necessary to find them. I work as a Rental Consultant  and charge on an hourly bases to find market rate, accessible rental housing options. 


I author post accident real estate options studies for both buying and renting.

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Jeffrey Kerr, Broker, Barrier Free Real Estate Specialist
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