Whether you’re looking for an existing retrofitted home or a home that you can retrofit to suit your needs, I can help!

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At a Glance:

  • Licenced Realtor with RE/MAX Unique Inc. since 1999
  • Broker Designation February 2007
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist - designation
  • Master Accredited Senior Agent - designation
  • Vice President, Windwood Country Homes Inc.
    A registered builder with Tarion, the Ontario New Home Warranty Program
  • Certified Sales Professional - CSP, designation
  • Honors, Bachelor Of Arts, Brock University
Q. Who is Jeffrey Kerr?

On a professional level, I have been a real estate agent with RE/MAX Unique Inc. for over 14 years. I have a distinct niche within the real estate market – I am an experienced real estate broker with both traditional homes and wheel friendly homes.

The home you are looking for may be a house, townhouse, life lease or condominium.

The home you are looking for may need to include special features.

Regardless of your individual requirements, my unique approach will ensure you find the right home, including a home that is accessible  – a home that can accommodate anyone with a mobility challenge.

I take the time to understand the needs of my clients and provide a service they didn’t think existed. The result? Home buyers find a home that they didn’t think was possible.

Currently in Toronto, as in many other cities, there is a shortage of well-built accessible accommodations. My goal is to connect buyers and sellers in this specialty area.

On a personal level, I am a family man with 3 busy children. I coach their baseball teams and enjoy our time at the cottage. I also enjoy tennis, squash and skiing. It is an accomplishment to combine a great family life with a successful business.

Since you have come to my website, you may have some questions. I will do my best to provide the answers, outlining how I can best serve your unique needs.

Q: What is an Accessible Home?

Everyone generally understands traditional real estate. But I am often asked about accessible homes.

An accessible home is a home where anyone with a mobility challenge - for example a child in a wheelchair, an adult with vision problems or a senior with a walker - can live comfortably and safely.

You may also hear terms such as barrier free living, universal design or aging in place. All of the terms relate to accessible housing and the concept of planning ahead, giving thought to the ability to modify your home so you can live safely, comfortably and independently at any age.

Q: Is there really a market for such a specialized niche?

The quick answer is yes; there is a huge demand and need for my services for three critical reasons.

First, 16% of the population has some form of a disability. Many individuals and their families have a need for special features in a house, condo or apartment.

Second, the baby boomers are getting older. The mature and senior market is going to dominate Canadian real estate for the next three decades. Some researchers are actually referring to the alarming statistics as a ‘tsunami of seniors.’

Third, retirement homes and assisted living facilities will be in shorter supply then ever before. The concept of aging in place is gaining traction as baby boomers say ‘no’ to growing old in institutions – in favor of living in their own home. As a result, the demand for accessible housing will be unprecedented.


Q: How did you develop a passion for such a unique niche in real estate?

When I look back I can see there were a number of factors at play at a very young age that lead me to this career path.

On a personal level, my mother was a Physiotherapist at Toronto Rehab and my Aunt had MS. I began to understand sooner than many adults about the whole concept of mobility challenges.

I went to University and lived away from home at the age of 17. I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban and Environmental Studies.

I also worked for a nonprofit organization called Pollution Probe.

I think these 3 factors gave me a broader view at a young age of the impact the environment can have on one’s life. By the time I started in the family business, developing land and building houses, I was beginning to see the natural fit with keeping accessibility in mind.

Getting my real estate license was the next logical step. My focus broadened from just building houses, to selling houses and then to selling accessible homes and condos.

Since I started out in university so young, by the time I got into real estate I was only 25.

But now at the age of 40, with a successful real estate career, I have certainly proven that the path I took was the right one for me.

No matter how many buyers and sellers I connect, I still love hearing about the ‘ah-ha’ moment when people discover that a Toronto Realtor specializes in wheel friendly real estate.

Q: How do you stay current with the needs of your clients?

In addition to obtaining my basic real estate license, I strive to stay ahead of the learning curve through courses, accreditation, committee work and participation in trade shows.

Specifically, I have taken a number of courses:

  • Broker training provided me with advanced real estate knowledge and skills;
  • Social Media training to ensure I can market homes online to the fullest advantage;
  • Building Code Certificate (Part 9) has given me a fuller understanding of house construction – very useful when I am looking at the potential for renovating a home to improve accessibility;
  • Home Inspection Courses to better understand residential systems.

I have studied and been certified as an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) and a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).

I am a Licensed Builder with Tarion, the Ontario New Home Warranty program.

I find it is also important to participate in community committees and to network with key stakeholders. I am a member of….

  •    TIPS – The Integrated Partnership for Seniors
  •    Elder Needs Network

And finally, I attend several important trade shows each year. Interacting with both the attendees and the other businesses that showcase their products and services ensures that I am always learning how to better help my clients and their families:

  • People in Motion
  • ZoomerShow
  • Connections – run by the Coalition for Persons with Disabilities

As a result of my specialized training and the professional networks I have developed, I can connect the dots when you are looking for a home that will provide you or a family member with the perfect environment, regardless of your accessibility needs.

Q: Why pick an agent who specializes in accessibility?

I understand the features in a barrier free home and can highlight them to a potential buyer. My marketing focuses on promoting homes to buyers who understand the unique characteristics and the value that an accessible home or home that can be easily modified holds for them.

When you list your home with me, you also gain the benefit of my network of potential buyers. My connections in the community provide referrals from a variety of sectors including health, social work, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy… with people of all ages.

My specialized knowledge makes both buying and selling easier for my clients.

I also understand the GTA marketplace. I grew up in Toronto and have lived here my whole life, other than attending University for 4 years.

Q: Do you find accessible rentals?

Yes. However, accessible rentals are very rare and often difficult to find. I actively search rental listings on the MLS on a daily basis. If a client requires a more in-depth, time intensive search they can hire me on an hourly basis to search private listings and canvas property managers.

There is certainly a gap in the marketplace for accessible rentals. As a result, there is a need for savvy investors to recognize the opportunity that this gap presents. I will be posting a Free Special Report in the near future on my website. It will explain the ins and outs of buying apartments, condos and houses for individuals who may be interested in the income potential that being a landlord of an accessible rental unit can offer.

Q: Who is on your RE/MAX Unique Inc. / AccessibleHomeFinder.com Team?

I work with a number of excellent professionals including:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Webmaster
  • Office staff

I am proud to include my Broker of Record, John Meehan as a member of my team. John is a veteran in Toronto Real Estate and the Past President of the Toronto Real Estate Board. He’s an incredible resource and extremely knowledgeable on everything real estate related. 

I can also refer you to other professionals who I can personally recommend to help you get your home – or a family member’s home – ready for listing. These include:

  • Appraisers
  • Auctioneers
  • Charities that pick up
  • De-cluttering specialists
  • Downsizing experts
  • Estate lawyers
  • Financial planners
  • Handyman services
  • Home organizers
  • Home renovators
  • Haul away services
  • Moving companies
  • Professionals who specialize in barrier free renovations, aging in place, and accessibility.

 People are often surprised at how much work is done before the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up.

Many sellers do not have the time to get their own home or their parent’s home ready to list. I can coordinate all of the work with my team of Professionals.

Q: Looking to build your own new home?

I have maintained my roots with the family business and continue to be very active in the Bethany Village new home community. If you are considering building a home there are beautiful lots available along with 3 great builders who can help you design the home of your dreams.

Other Questions?

Hopefully I have been able to answer your questions. However, if there is anything else you want to know, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Jeffrey Kerr, Broker
Dedicated to helping families and individuals buy or sell Accessible Homes

Accredited Senior Agent and Senior Real Estate Specialist


Team Kerrazy 2014
Team KERRAZY - Leaside Girls Softball 2014

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Jeffrey Kerr and Darryl Sittler, February 2014

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Jeffrey Kerr and Dion Phaneuf, February, 2014

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Jeffrey Kerr with Blue Jay Ace and Matt Gibson February 2013
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Jeffrey Kerr with the 2012 Forest Hill Cardinals

Jeffrey Kerr with Marcel Dionne 2012 and 1979 (inset photo)

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Jeffrey Kerr at Merry Go Round Children's Foundation Fundraiser
Jeffrey Kerr with Greg Smith at Merry Go Round Children's Foundation Fundraiser at The Hockey Hall Of Fame, February 2010

Jeffrey Kerr at People In Motion, June 2010
Jeffrey Kerr at People In Motion, June 2010


Coach Jeffrey Kerr with the 2010 Forest Hill Blue Jays 
Coach Kerr with the 2010 Forest Hill Blue Jays

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Coach Kerr with the 2009 Giants

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Jeffrey Kerr at the 2009 Zoomers Show

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Coach Kerr with the 2008 Cardinals

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Senior Real Estate Specialist

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Jeffrey Kerr with the 2012 Forest Hill Blue Jays

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Jeffrey Kerr showcasing wheelchair accessible homes at the Spring 2010 Home Show

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Jeffrey Kerr with George Smitherman and Sharron Regan from Barrier Free Construction at Etobicoke Fair, February 2010

Jeffrey Kerr with Olympic torch bearer and former Olympian Paul Henderson
Jeffrey Kerr with his kids and Paul Henderson, December 2009

Jeffrey Kerr with Marilyn Wetston, From A Woman's Perspective On AM740
Jeffrey Kerr with Marilyn Wetston, From A Woman's Perspective On AM740

Jeff at the Health Care Expo
April 2008

Jeff receiving the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award
April 2008


Jeff at the People in Motion Show
June 2007

Jeff at the People in Motion Show
June 2007


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